The following are the awards I have received

  • Ideate for India - Ideate for India was a competition organised by Intel, NeGd and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.I qualified the ideation round with my project AgriPredict. I was one of the 10 students from Haryana who qualified for the zonal round. I qualified that level as well and my project was on of the top 50 projects for the national level. By qualifying for the final level I got the opportunity to showcase my project and get felicitated by dignitaries like Shri.Ravi Shankar Prasad(Hon'ble Minister of Electronics and Information Technology), Nivruti Rai(Country Head Intel India) and Abhishek Singh(President and Ceo of NeGD)
  • Vigyantram 2019-20 at IIT Bombay - I qualified zonal level and paticipated at national level at IIT Bombay with my team in the innovation category. Our project A-zide was in the top 10 in our category
  • ATL Student Innovator Award 2019 by Niti Aayog
  • Khanacademy Learnstorm 2019-20- I had participated in this competition with my school team and we were the top 10 teams for the Grand Prize.
  • Avishkaar Makeathon- Qualified Ideation Round
  • National Creativity OLympiad- All India Rank 23
  • SOF Olympiads- School Gold in IMO'19 (Mathematics), School Gold in NCO'18,'17(Cyber)
  • MUN- Won High Commendation at UMUN and IUMUN 2019 at DPS, Gurgaon


  • AgriPredict- My project AgriPredict, uses artificial intelligence to improve lives of farmers and the food distibution system by predicting the quantity and price of crop in the following season. Web development,mobile app development and database mangement are also important parts of AgriPredict.It is still under development.
  • A-zideA-zide is an application which summarizes text to help students make notes and help others to read any lengthy text easily and quickly. It can also help identify plagarism(feature under progress).


  • Python
  • Flask
  • TensorFlow
  • Java(learning)


  • Computer programming
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data Science
  • Blockchain
  • Statistics
  • Other technologies like Digital Modelling, Quantum Computing, Nanotechnology


  • English
  • Hindi
  • German(learning)


I have completed eigth grade in 2020 and am currently in ninth grade at Delhi Public School, Gurgaon(Gurugram, Haryana)


By exploring about various projects I was able to learn a lot. The following points are a few of my learning outcomes:-

  • It is important to use multiple sensors as that will help me get a lot of data to train my machine learning models. This means that I need to learn more about sesnors, how to collect data from them and use them in the model.
  • I can improve user experience of my products by increasing user interaction and giving the user more control.
  • It doen't matter to the user how complicated the algorithm and back-end is or how much data is required to get accurate predictions. The users need an easy to use front-end and an app they can control to get their job done. Focus shouldn't only be put on improving the efficiency of the algorithm it sholud also be put on improving the users experience. Front end and back end are equally important.
  • Artificial intelligence is a rising technology which has a huge place in our future and therefore people want to learn more about it. Due to this, products which help people especially children learn about the technology in a fun and easy manner are in demand.

The following are 20 kickstarter projects I really liked and more about them!

  • Project 1
    (a)Product Tiltle -Newsvoice: Crowdsourced election coverage to unify the world
    (b)Description - Newsvoice is an app which collects political news from multiole sources and shows it with different perspectives so that people are able to get views from different perspectives rather than getting biased information.
    (c)Impact - This will help people get accurate politiical data and will help people to thik in the correct manner and not get influesnced. This can positively impact the 2020 US Elections if and enormous number of American voters use it.
    (d)Problem Solved - People receive a lot of fake and biased news and misinformation. Newsvoice, with the help of the public, independent voters and technology can provide people with accurate news from various perspectives and perhaps save American voting from getting skewed like it had got in 2016.

  • Project 2
    (a)Product Tiltle -DRYP - an app that keeps your plants alive & happy
    (b)Description - Many people like keeping plants inside their home or in their balcony/garden. It is hard to keep track of when which type of plant will need water and what are the conditions suitable for it. Using DRYP people can keep track of when they have to water which particular plant. If your plants are facing issues then dryp , you can enter data to the app and dryp will tell you what went wrong. It also provides a few lessons on how to keep your plant healthy.
    (c)Impact - This will encorage people to keep more plants and will help them to take care of these plants.
    (d)Problem Solved - Often plants become unhealthy as they are not given the amount of water they need, when they need it, etc. Many plants die this way. People can now know how to take care of which plant.

  • Project 3
    (a)Product Tiltle -TEMPEST: A revolutionary personal weather system
    (b)Description - It is a personalised weather system with an AI powered mobile app. Using sensors, artificial inetelligence, data science and an app people can get very accurate weather forecatss. These forecasts alrm people living in areas prone to severe weather, helps people plan their day according to the weather and helps scientists understand weather especially extreme weather better.
    (c)Impact -People's IOT devices which are based on weather can be operated more easily. People will be safer.
    (d)Problem Solved - People can be warned about extreme weather on time. Scientists and metereologists get a lot of weather data for research.

  • Project 4
    (a)Product Tiltle -Flowhub - NoFlo Development Environment<
    (b)Description - Software structure is made on a white board or piece of paper. But when it is coded the files are structured in a folder format. These files of code are link to each other and as the complexity of the software grows it becomes harder and harder for the coder to code efficiently and for his/her team memebers to interpret and refine the code. FlowHub arranges the code in easy to understand block files with all branches visible.
    (c)Impact - It makes developing websites, apps and software much easier and efficient. It can improve an individual programmer's or a team of software developers productivity by many folds.
    (d)Problem Solved - Programmers can now easily view the structure of their software.

  • Project 5
    (a)Product Tiltle -eVscope | 100 times more powerful than a classical telescope
    (b)Description - eVscope is a telescope which is many times more powerful than a regular telescope. It allows us to view start and galaxies which are millions of light years away. It can be controlled with an app and can pin point to objects in the sky.
    (c)Impact - It can encourage even citizen scientists to get connected to the scientific community and make huge contibutions. Overall the eVscope can improve humankind's uderstanding of space by letting it visulaizing it.
    (d)Problem Solved - Even with large telescopes objects which are millions of light years away are blurred. eVscope allows us to see very clear and acurate celestial objects.

  • Project 6
    (a)Product TiltleTYCHE, True AI (Artificial Intelligence) Companion for Kids -
    (b)Description - It is a small robot which uses AI and can understand and communicate on a basic English textbook level at about 93% accuracy. It is an innovative and educational toy for children.
    (c)Impact - It can help children improve their social and communication skills to a huge extent.
    (d)Problem Solved - Children can always not be surrounded by people. This robot can help improve children's skills in a personalized manner even in times when the child is not getting to interact with other people.

  • Project 7
    (a)Product Tiltle Legion Solar 4 - Permission Free Energy and Storage
    (b)Description - Legion Solar is a simple do-it-yourself solar system with battery storage and off grid power with artificial intelligence (AI). Solar energy is no longer an expensive complicated process. Legion Solar can be installed virtually anywhere and the benefits of solar energy can be used by everybody.
    (c)Impact - Will make the world a carbon free place.
    (d)Problem Solved -People use non-renewable sources for electricity. But everybody will now be able to use solar powers.

  • Project 8
    (a)Product Tiltle Bonjour | Smart Alarm Clock with Artificial IntelligenceFelik - Intelligent Pet Companion -
    (b)Description - Bonjour is an AI based alarm clock which helps users wake up easily in the morning and make sure they sleep healthy. It is actually more than an alarm clock. It is an IOT device which collects and integrates data about traffic, your health, your schedule, your sleep and much more to make your life, especially mornings easier.
    (c)Impact - It will make sure that its users are living healthy, are keeping up with their schedule,etc. It might be similar to other voice assistants but has its own unique features. It designed mainly for sleep, can give health reccomendations and is not totally web based.
    (d)Problem Solved - Many mundane and frivolous tasks won't need to be done by humans.

  • Project 9
    (a)Product Tiltle -Monsieur. The Artificially Intelligent Robotic Bartender.
    (b)Description - Monsieur is a device which can automatically prepare drinks for you. Its AI has learnt thousands of cocktail reciepes and can learn the users taste. It will recommend drinks not only based on users taste but also the time and events going. For eg. if your favourite team has won a match it recommends celebratory drinks. It also tracks consumption of certain substances like sugar and alcohol which should be consumed in a limit.
    (c)Impact - Well, it is a fun device and gives you personalized drinks!
    (d)Problem Solved - Monsieur may not solve a social issue but it is a pretty cool device and tells us that technology can be used in all spheres of live not only to solve big problems but to also give comfort.

  • Project 10
    (a)Product TiltleSHFT IQ - Become A Better Runner With Your Virtual Coach
    (b)Description -SHFT IQ is a wearable device controlled by an appwhich uses AI and sensors on the device to use real time data from your body while running to give you real time feedback about the way you run.
    (c)Impact - People will be able to improve their exercising techniques and will be able to live healthier.
    (d)Problem Solved -Runners need to face severe injuries because of wrong techniques. By using SHFT IQ this problem can be solved.

  • Project 11
    (a)Product Tiltle -Zümi (Zumi): Driving into the World of AI
    (b)Description -Zumi is a toy car controlled by an app which is equiped with Python,TensorFlow, Keras,etc which helps teach its users more about deep learning, image processing self driving cars,etc.
    (c)Impact - The use of artificial intelligence in the world has increased a lot and will continue to increase. But resources for learning are limited and are very complex. Zumi can help people learn important skills in a fun way.
    (d)Problem Solved - Covers basics of AI without complexity.

  • Project 12
    (a)Product Tiltle -BRISE, The First Air Purifier with Artificial Intelligence
    (b)Description - Brise is an air purifier which analyses the condition of air around it using AI and works accordingly. This means that it will work very differently in different rooms. Other air purifies are just switched on and they work continuously. But that's not the case with Brise.
    (c)Impact - It reduces negative effect of unhealthy air on the human body.
    (d)Problem Solved - It let's people breathe air which is safe enough.

  • Project 13
    (a)Product Tiltle -Mycroft: An Open Source Artificial Intelligence For Everyone
    (b)Description - Mycroft is an open source AI based voice assistant which is like an alternative to other voice assistants like Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri,etc. But the question is why do we require an alternative to these voice assistants? Well, Mycroft enables programmers to make the kind of voice assistant they want.
    (c)Impact - It encourages open-source and gives programmers the power to add features of their choice to a voice assistant more easily.
    (d)Problem Solved -It gives everybody the opportunity to contribute to AI rather than the technology just being a private domain to only large private comapnies.

  • Project 14
    (a)Product Tiltle -Mineral Classification with Artificial Intelligence
    (b)Description -It is a mobile app which classifies analyses images of minerals with the help of neural networks and classifies them.
    (c)Impact -It is a useful tool for ameteur collecters and school students.
    (d)Problem Solved - It makes learning and researching about minerals much easier.

  • Project 15
    (a)Product Tiltle - The Keyboardio Atreus
    (b)Description - It is a keyboard with only 44 keys and a special and unique design with the keys placed in a better manner. It is also portable.
    (c)Impact - People will be able to use better keyboards.
    (d)Problem Solved - Keyboards are not portable, have more than 100 keys and there can be a better placement of these keys. All these problems are eliminated by Atreus.

  • Project 16
    (a)Product Tiltle -Chris: The digital assistant for drivers
    (b)Description -Chris is a voice assistant for your car which is conrolled by voice and touch while you are driving. You don't need to touch it so you can focus while driving.
    (c)Impact - People will be able to get things done while driving. Driving will become smarter and safer and number of road accidents will reduce.
    (d)Problem Solved - While driving we need to completly focus. By getting things done by voice and gesture will make sure we don't get distracted while driving.

  • Project 17
    (a)Product Tiltle-Vinci - First Smart Headphones with Artificial Intelligence
    (b)Description -Your smartphone will live in your headphones in the form of a voice assistant. You will not have to use your phone instead you will be able to do a lot just with the help of your voice and headphones.
    (c)Impact - People will get to use an all in one device with multiple benefits.
    (d)Problem Solved -Often our hands get occupied by our phone and we are not able to perform other tasks. By using voice controlled headphones our hands will be free from smartphones and will be able to do other things. Also, people's screen time would be reduced.

  • Project 18
    (a)Product Tiltle -bots_alive | robots with playful artificial intelligence
    (b)Description -These are mini robots which use artificial intelligence to learn how to avoid obstacles, cross mazes and play with other robots.
    (c)Impact -They are nice play mates for children. While teaching the robots from the app the children will be able to learn about the very fundamental principles of AI
    (d)Problem Solved - Lighten the mood around, fun to play with and can entertain people, especially children.

  • Project 19
    (a)Product Tiltle -NOVA | DIY Artificial Intelligence Robot
    (b)Description - NOVA is a DIY kit which allows user to make robots themselves and also teach them.
    (c)Impact - This will help the user to learn and improve their coding and engineering skills. It will help narrow gap in software and hardware knowledge and teach the users a lot about AI.
    (d)Problem Solved - It is a fun way to learn pretty complicated concepts and be able to build something super innovatiove.

  • Project 20
    (a)Product Tiltle -Sensoria Artificial Intelligence Sportswear
    (b)Description - Sensoria is a wearable device which is worn on the body to detect cardiac activity. This device will let you know more about the health of your heart and make sure that youu are safe. Often cyclists and runners go to remote locations far from home to practice where due to suffering from cardiac arrest and not being able to get help they die. By wearning sensoria complications can be detected on time and people can be saved.
    (c)Impact - People's cardiac health can be monitored during exercising and if any complications occur the device sends warning messages and the person can be saved.
    (d)Problem Solved - Many sportspeople who die of cardiac arrests while exercising, running or cycling in remote locations. About 2,400 people in America die in this manner each year.


The follwing are a few ideas which can help and make an impcat after the COVID-19 pandemic is over and people come out of lockdown:_
  • After lockdown ends all over the world there will be a spike in the number of people travelling as people's work is lagging. If a few people in a particular location face symptomps and have already travelled then by using previous travelling data we can see where are people from that are likely to travel(as a few more of them would have already been infected) during that time. Authorities of those areas can be notified and strict action would be taken. This would save the world from the virus hitting the second time. This can not only be used to prevent second chain of covid but can also prevent the next pandemic from taking place.
  • In India the number of tests done each day is very small. For the Indian healthcare system testing at the capacity we need it to is not possible. By developing self-diagnostic kits for Covid(something similar to a self testing of sugar levels in blood for diabetic patients) more testing will be done. Also for getting tests done by going to hospitals there are chances that a positive patient might pass the virus to a few people. This can be eliminated by using self-testing kits. After lockdown similar testing kits should be used at airports and other such places.

Ramesh Raskar's Ideation Hexagon

As a part of the curriculum for the course I got to learn a lot about Ramesh Raskar. I mainly learnt about his ideation hexagon which will help me come up with ideas to solve problems. He spoke on how we can add on to existing ideas, how we can combine two totally different types of technologies and do many more things with existing ideas so that we can come up with very effective solutions for existing problems. In his talk Mr. Raskar gave brilliant examples with the help of which I was clearly able to understand the principle of the ideation hexagon. Below is a photo of how the ideation hexagon looks like.

Prof. Neil Greshenfeld's Fab Labs

As a part of the curriculum for the fourth day I was required to learn about fablabs and Prof. Neil Greshenfeld. By doing this I got introduced to the concept of fab labs and how they are helping people improve various problem solving and designing skills. I got to know that these useful labs are growing at an exponential rate and that they can make a huge impact as they enable people to fabricate and create almost anything. It gives consumers the power to produce what they consume with the help of technology.

Design Thinking

For this day I learnt about Design Thinking. I learnt that it consists of Empathizing, Defining, Ideation, Protoyping and Testing. I got to know about all the activities which come under these categories. I learnt all this with the help of multiple examples.



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Heading Level 2

Heading Level 3

Heading Level 4

Heading Level 5
Heading Level 6


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i = 0;

while (!deck.isInOrder()) {
    print 'Iteration ' + i;

print 'It took ' + i + ' iterations to sort the deck.';



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Name Description Price
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Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
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Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
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Name Description Price
Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
Item Five Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99


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